Children’s Dentist – Merrillville, IN

Early Dental Care for Lifelong Smiles

We love working with all kinds of patients, and naturally, that includes children! Our dental team members know how to keep younger children comfortable during their dental visits. We want to make going to the children's dentist in Merrillville so enjoyable that your little one actually looks forward to their next appointment! On this page, you can explore some of our kid-friendly dental services. Please give United Dental Centers of Merrillville a call if you’d like to schedule a dental checkup for your child.

Why Choose United Dental Centers of Merrillville for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Gentle, Welcoming Dental Staff
  • Dental Practice That Accepts Indiana Medicaid
  • Emphasis on Keeping Patients Educated

Dental Sealants

Animated row of teeth with dental sealants placed by children's dentist in Merrillville

Did you know that children are more likely to develop cavities than adults? It’s due to the fact that they’re still learning the best practices for brushing and flossing. We can reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay by applying dental sealants to their molars. The sealants can help protect the crevices in the biting surfaces of these teeth from food debris and bacteria, thus making it easier for your little one to keep their smile cavity-free.

Athletic Mouthguards

Young boy placing athletic mouthguard in his mouth

As an adult, you naturally want to encourage your child or teen to pursue their favorite sport while also making sure that their smile is as protected as possible. Our dental team can provide your little one with an athletic mouthguard that can significantly lower the risk of dental injury. Our mouthguards are personalized for each patient, so your young athlete shouldn’t have any trouble breathing or staying comfortable while wearing their appliance.


Close up of person lifting up and stretching their upper lip

Do you have an infant or young child that’s having trouble breastfeeding or suffers from digestive issues? It could mean they have an overgrown frenulum (a connective piece of tissue) that’s preventing them from moving their lips or tongue properly. In many cases, a restrictive frenulum can contribute to various developmental issues, such as speech impediments. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to correct the problem! Through a process called a frenectomy, the excess tissue is removed so that it no longer restricts the movements of your child’s mouth. Reach out as soon as possible if you think your little one may need a frenectomy.

Non-Nutritive Habits

Young girl sucking her thumb while sleeping

Thumb-sucking is normal for children under the age of three. Past that point, however, you should take whatever steps you can to help them break the habit. In many cases, thumb-sucking can affect the eventual positions of the permanent teeth, thus leading to overbite and various other alignment issues. If your child still sucks their thumb, we can give you tips for helping them stop before it puts them at risk for an advanced orthodontic issue.

Pulp Therapy

Model of a tooth showing the locations of the pulp and root canals

Baby teeth are just as susceptible to cavities as adult teeth. If tooth decay isn’t treated in time, the pulp in the inner chamber of the tooth might become infected, resulting in serious dental pain. To save the tooth from being lost prematurely, we can remove the infected part of the pulp through a process called pulp therapy. We can place a personalized dental crown on the tooth afterward to make sure that it’s properly protected.

Special Needs Children’s Dentistry

Little girl with special needs smiling

Certain disabilities can make it more difficult for children to stay comfortable while receiving dental care. Our kind and patient dental team members are ready to accommodate children who have special needs; simply let us know about your little one’s situation when you call for an appointment so that we can start getting ready to help them have a more positive dental experience.